gutter repair installation

Similar to roofs, your gutters are prone to the inevitable and harsh outdoor elements, leading to probable gutter damage and adverse effects to the entire structure of your home. Regardless if you want to repair your damaged gutters or you want to have new gutters installed, we have a lot of options for you for gutter installation in Townsville. Our company is the expert when it comes to all types of gutter installations, such as:

  • Half-Round Gutters

This type is shaped like a tube cut in half, carrying water quite effectively. The open, trough-like shape allows them to be prone to leaf and debris clogs, but they can be installed with leaf guards. Also, their curved sides do not allow sit flush against the fascia boards, making them to be in place.

  • K-Style Rain Gutters

This is the most common type of gutter in residential properties built for many years, and this is true for a lot of owners of older homes. Because of the flat back of the K-style gutter, you are allowed to nail it directly to the fascia board, without the need of brackets. Also, the thing that really makes K-style gutters a popular choice is that it typically has a decorative front side, making it like a crown moulding.

  • Custom-Built Fascia Gutters

This gutter has a sleek and modern look. In contrast to the K-style or half-round gutters, fascia gutters do not come in sections that fit together, which usually exposes seams that are prone to rust and leaks. Rather, fascia gutters are custom built for the house made of aluminium. Fascia gutters are quite hefty in price and must be professionally installed.

  • Aluminium Rain Gutter

Aluminium is actually the most popular option for rain gutters, be it seamed or seamless, and it varies in three thicknesses: .025 inch, .027 inch, and .032 inch. Among the three, the thinnest aluminium is the least expensive, but it is also prone to dents or bends; on the other hand, the thicker metal is slightly pricier but the benefits are worth it. This is especially helpful in areas that have heavy snow.

The Best Guttering Services in Townsville

​One of the most left out sections of the house is the guttering framework. The moment homeowners go check in them, gutters usually need repairs and maintenance. So, do not wait up until they need to be replaced if you can address the problem immediately. If you are in Queensland, and you are in need of having your gutters repaired or of having them replaced, then trust the experts like us.